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Aircraft Checklist


Below is a listing of items to be checked on your aircraft. It is recommended that you check these items before each flying session. Many planes are lost due to a simple oversight that could have been prevented. This checklist is aimed to help minimize that risk.
Should you have any questions about any of these items feel free to ask an experienced member at the field.
  • Control Linkages: Verify all linkages are secure.
  • Alignment: Verify all flying surfaces are at the proper angle relative to each other.
  • Hinges: Check condition. Replace if necessary.
  • Balance: Verify the center of gravity (cg) is within the range shown in the manual. Verify the lateral or side-to-side balance.
  • Contact Info: Make sure your contact information is inside the aircraft (name, address, phone number, AMA number.) Not only good if someone finds your stray airplane, the AMA requires it!
Radio Control System
  • Servos: Verify all servos are securely mounted to the aircraft.
  • Servo Horns: Properly screwed to servos. Loctite is recommended on metal geared servos.
  • Servo Direction: Verify each servo moves in the proper direction with the corresponding transmitter inputs
  • Receiver: Ensure it is mounted securely but protected by foam. Check antenna to ensure it's properly routed and secure.
  • On/Off Switch: Ensure it is functioning properly. Old switches can have worn contacts that lead to power interruption.
  • Battery: Verify its charge level and capacity before each flight both transmitter and receiver.
  • Range Check: Perform a range check per the manufacturers recommendations.
Engine & Propeller
  • Mounting Screws: Verify they are tight.
  • Muffler: Verify muffler attachment to be secure.
  • Glow Plug: Replace if old or excessive carbon buildup exists.
  • Propeller: Check for nicks or cracks - replace if any found. Check propeller balance before mounting on engine.
  • Propeller Nut: Verify tightness. 
  • Spinner: Check condition and tightness.
  • Landing Gear
  • General: Check general condition of landing gear
  • Wheels: Inspect and verify they spin freely. Check tightness of wheel collars
  • Centering: ensure the plane rolls straight when the rudder stick is neutral.
Fuel Tank: Check for leaks and check front screw for tightness. Verify fuel tank is secure in aircraft and that the clunk moves freely.
Fuel Lines: Check for leaks and/or blockage. Replace if necessary.
Fuel Filter: Check for stoppage. Clean or replace if necessary.
Electric Aircraft
Make sure battery is charged before taking off.